Crafted by expert artisans for superlative quality!

Built Perfectly to Your Specifications

Hand-crafted to perfection.

At Dollknights, we do not sell pre-made dolls. Each doll is individually crafted using the best technology, materials and artisans in the industry.

Once you've made your order, details of your particular customizations are sent directly to the factory to commence the manufacturing process. We spare no effort to ensure your doll is exactly as specified to ensure that the doll you receive is, indeed, your dream sex doll companion.

Quality Control at Every Step

We leave nothing to chance!

Each doll manufactured goes through a rigorous series of checks to ensure the doll we send you is perfectly made to order and free of any defects.

At each stage of production, supervisors and auditors are inspecting the work to ensure each doll conforms to strict production guidelines. Dolls are thoroughly tested to verify that all moving parts are functioning correctly, and skin checked for imperfections.

Through each step, auditors evaluate the doll to ensure the doll fully meets product standards and accurately reflects your customization selections.


Your Satisfaction is Paramount

We don't ship until you are 100% satisfied 

Once quality control have inspected the doll and cleared it, they hand it over to the approvals team. Approvals always has two people check the doll from head to toe. Once our approvals team is satisfied the doll is fit for presentation to the customer, they take a number of photographs, which are then sent to you via email.

It's only once you have given us your approval that your doll is dispatched to shipping. Typically, your doll is shipped and your tracking number emailed to you within 24 hours.

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