Who are Dollknights? Nothing less than champions for your sexual health and pleasure. We believe in the health-boosting power of sexual release, we believe in respecting our sexual needs, and we believe in the transformative power of fantasy to help us live our best lives.

At Dollknights we believe the opportunity to explore your fantasies judgment-free, no matter what they are, is integral to self-understanding and self-fulfillment. Not only do we support you, we encourage you!

A Dollknights we’ve embraced this call and made it our mission to offer gorgeous, 100% body-safe products of the highest quality. We want to provide you with maximum pleasure―yes!―but safety and long-lasting reliability too!

We’ve been passionately involved in this industry since the early 2000s. We love sex dolls because they make any fantasy possible, totally stress-free! For all of us that need that extra sexual release and fantasy time, sex dolls are an amazing investment into our sexual wellness, and our overall quality of life.


Eddie Fung - Genius entrepreneur, family man, lover of life, Eddie is a passionately open-minded human with a penchant for the adult pleasure product business. Eddie has been involved in the industry since 2010 when he created his own brand of sexual health product and worked for adult industry titans including HUSTLER, Intimate House, Baci Lingerie, Lux Fetish, and others.. Eddie believes a sex-positive culture empowers people to pursue their happiness, to improve their quality of life, which leads to a better future for all humankind. Since 2010, Eddie has poured his heart and soul in the industry and become a well-known pioneer in the business.

Stephan Larose - An amateur erotic fiction writer, sex toy entrepreneur, e-Commerce whiz, former Lifestyle magazine Shanghai bureau chief, actor, singer, hip hop MC and freelance video producer, Stephan first became involved in the sex toy industry when he met Eddie in Shanghai in the early 2010s. As someone possessing a far-above-average libido, Stephan has always understood the connection between his sexual wellness and overall quality of life. When Eddie proposed to Stephan that they create Dollknights together, Stephan leapt at the opportunity to get on board and build a business that could help spread orgasmic joy and fulfillment to everyone who needs it across the globe.


Good sex is power! And we want you to have it all! We want to empower you to enjoy every fantasy, every urge, and for you to get your rocks off whenever and however you want to!

In our eyes, every customer is a VIP. We curate our selection of sex dolls to ensure that you, our VIP, get nothing but the absolute best, because our mission is to support your sexual wellness and to be champions for your pleasure.

Sure, people can live without sex. But, would we really want to? Healthy sex has the power to unlock the best in us, empowering us to live our best lives, so why not share that and promote it?

Because you know what we believe to be true? Good sex can change the world! And as champions for your sexual pleasure, it is our mission to bring you the pleasure you deserve and to help you live your best life!

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