You've found the doll of your dreams, now you need to maintain them! Proper care and maintenance are necessary if you want to your doll's premium, life-like quality to last for years to come.

Though our dolls are built to be robust (and take a pounding!), the soft materials that give sex doll skin that life-like bounce and softness are porous and can get dirty, permanently stained, or infected with bacteria if neglected.

To make sure that never happens to your doll, we've assembled this quick maintenance guide for your reference! Please give it a quick read and learn how to care for your doll!


How Often Should I Clean My Doll?

To keep your doll in the best condition, it's best to develop a thorough cleaning routine to be carried out once every two to four weeks. Your doll's skin is made of a soft material that can scuff and become rough if wiped or rubbed thoroughly too often. Therefore, a thorough cleaning isn't necessary after every single use. Once every two to four weeks will do for a thorough cleaning. 

To ensure your doll remains hygienic between thorough cleanings, we suggest rinsing and disinfecting your doll after every use.


What Materials Are Best For Cleaning My Sex Doll?

Though there are hundreds of products out there you can use to clean your doll, this list gives you a generally idea of the kind of supplies you'll need:

  • Antibacterial soap
  • Water
  • Talcum powder (baby powder)
  • Light sponge
  • A second sponge cut up into smaller swabs
  • A non-abrasive drying cloth
  • Medical pincers
  • Strong paper towel
  • Soft foam bottle cleaner

**When you receive your doll from, it will come with a small cleaning kit which includes vaginal/anal irrigator.


How Do I Give My Doll a Thorough Cleaning?

Cleaning your sex doll doesn't necessarily have to be a chore. In fact, many find psychological benefits to the act of taking care of another....

To make sure no bacteria start growing in/on your doll, you'll need to do a thorough cleaning at minimum once per month, though every two weeks is better. You'll need:

  • Antibacterial soap
  • Water
  • Talcum powder (baby powder)
  • Light sponge
  • A non-abrasive cloth

People have developed a number of ways to give their dolls a good wash-down, from laying them on a counter by the sink, to giving their dolls a bath or shower. Just remember that you must avoid getting any water in your doll's neck joint so rust won't develop later. When showering or bathing, take care not to submerge the head or get water in the neck joint. 

Clean using a soft sponge or material and use light pressure. To much friction or pressure will eventually degrade the quality of your doll's skin, so take care not to scrub too hard and to be mindful of your doll's soft skin.


How Do I Clean My Doll's Orifices?

Cleaning doll orifices should be done with care, but it isn't too hard:

First, get some suds worked into your bottle cleaner or sponge swab using warm water and antibacterial soap.
Gently insert the bottle cleaner or use medical pincers to insert your sponge swab and make gentle circular motions until clean.
Clean or replace your bottle cleaner/sponge swab and repeat the process above.
After two rounds of cleanings, you can begin the drying and rinsing process. Irrigate the orifice with clean, warm water. Then, insert a dry sponge to remove any remaining soap or moisture.
Once your doll has air dried, apply talcum powder to the exterior of the orifice.

Once you're done, your doll should be clean and bacteria-free!

To clean your doll's face, we recommend you remove the head first. When cleaning the face, use gentle motions and materials to avoid ruining the skin. Gentle dabs with antibacterial soap are best. Don't use too much water, be mindful to keep the eyes dry and clean in small sections.

Once clean, leave the head out to air-dry. If still moist after a few hours, dab dry with a soft towel or cloth. 


How Do I Dry My Doll After Cleaning?

It's important your doll is fully dry before use, as your doll's skin will tear and abrade more easily when wet.

The best way to dry your doll is to let them air-dry. Toweling your doll dry is a bad idea, all that friction will wear your doll's soft skin down.

Once your doll is fully dry, apply some talcum powder all over your doll's body, spreading it with a makeup brush or other soft brush. Powdering your doll's skin is essential to maintaining softness.


Sex Doll Cleaning: Things to Avoid

Now that you know how to implement a good cleaning routine, it's also important that you learn all the things NOT to do while maintaining your sex doll companion.

First, avoid harsh cleaning products and chemicals. Many of these can cause damage to TPE and silicone. A soft, antibacterial soap is best.

Next,  avoid sharp objects. These can easily slice through soft materials like silicone and TPE. When moving and storing your doll, be mindful and take care to avoid sharp objects or edges.

Third, don't submerge your doll's head or neck. Water can get into the joint and cause rust and some parts of your doll's face must remain dry. 

Finally, don't dry your doll with heat or friction. Rubbing your doll's skin with a towel could degrade it, and heat from a blow-dryer could warp it. When drying with a cloth, use gentle dabbing motions only. The best way to dry your doll is to let them air-dry.


How Do I Clean My Doll's Hair/Wig?

Cleaning your doll's hair is a breeze, since all you need are regular shampoo and conditioner. Just remember that mild products are best.

To clean the wig, take it off your doll's head. Give it a gentle wash with warm water and rinse it thoroughly. Again, air-drying the wig is best, and goes quicker if the wig is hung or placed on a stand.

Once your wig is almost dry, gently comb through it to get any knots out. Be careful not to comb or pull too hard and start near the tips of the hair and work towards the root. That way you avoid trying to comb out too many knots at once.


Avoid Staining Your Doll

One important thing doll owners must note is that TPE and silicone stain quite easily. When dressing your doll, be 100% positive that you've washed the clothes first and that the colors don't run. If the clothes are brand new, you should probably wash them a few times to make sure the colors in the clothing won't stain your doll's skin. Moist clothes can transfer color too, so make sure clothing is fully dry after washing it!

Because you're doll's skin is easy to stain, avoid prolonged contact with things like print magazines, newspapers, and anything else with ink that could transfer to your doll's skin.



Proper storage is really important if you want to keep your doll in good condition. When storing your doll ask yourself if your storage solution takes care of the following:

Sunlight can degrade TPE if your doll is left exposed to for too long. Your storage should be out of direct sunlight.

Dust – can stick to your doll's porous skin quite easily. When storing your doll, keep it in a storage bag, flight case, or the box it was originally shipped in so you can avoid dust collecting on your doll's skin.

Ink – will stain your doll's skin readily. When you store your doll, make sure to use a storage solution that won't stain. Colored storage bags could be risky if your doll's skin is in contact with the material for long periods of time. White is the best color. 

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