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At Dollknights, our mission is to give people the fantasy sex dolls of their dreams. Some people like the pictures they see on a doll's individual product page and want them just as they see them in the pictures, while others like to customize their dolls and create the perfect fantasy companion for themselves. 

When you click through to the product page of a doll you like, you'll see a panel that says "Customize your doll now!"— beneath the doll's name. The first option presented is the option to select either a doll that is identical to what you see in the product photos, or a custom doll.

Click "Same as website image" to choose a doll that is a mirror of what you see in the product photos, or click the little icon of pink gears to select customization. When you click on "Same as website image," the custom options will disappear. When you click on the pink gears, you'll see a list of customization options below. 

What follows here below is a quick overview of all our doll customization options. After you familiarize yourself with the possibilities, you can find a doll you like, and then customize them into the perfect fantasy companion.

Another good way to find the perfect doll for you is to navigate the FIND YOUR DOLL menu and view dolls within the various categories that appear in the drop down menu. Once you find a doll you like, you'll find the customization options on that doll's product page, beneath the little "Customize your doll now!" panel.


sex doll body

On, each doll have an individual name, and each individual doll's body has its own unique set of physical attributes proportions.

If you are looking for a particular size of breasts or ass, the best way to find your doll for click on our FIND YOUR DOLL menu, and browse the selections under the BREAST SIZE and BOOTY SIZE headings.

If you are looking for a doll of a particular height, you'll find all our options under FIND YOUR DOLL under the SHOP BY HEIGHT heading. You'll also find headings for BODY TYPE, MATERIAL, and HAIR COLORS, of which you can use to narrow down your search.

Once you have selected a doll, you'll have access to their particular customization options on that doll's individual product page. Any time you want a characteristic to match what you see in the product photos, simply select "Same as website image."

Faces, hair, lips and eyes

real doll head

When you select an individual doll, the overall shape of their face will be preset. That being said, any face can be "sculpted" with the application of makeup. Makeup can be an excellent tool for changing your doll's look on. 

However, if you prefer a different face altogether, you should either select a different doll, or email our bespoke doll concierge Eddie at to arrange mixing and matching a particular doll head to a different doll body. If the dolls you want to mix and match are made by the same manufacturer, it should be possible. 


When it comes to hair, each brand will have a different amount of hair types and colors to choose from. Simply click on the one you like most to make your selection. If you like the hair you see in the product photo, just click on "Same as website image."


When it comes to lips, the options are either matte or glossy. Select the one you prefer. If you like applying lipstick to your doll to change up their look, then matte is probably the best option for you. If you like the lips you see in the product photo, just click on "Same as website image."


When it comes to eyes, each brand will have a different amount of eye colors and styles to choose from. Simply click on the one you like most to make your selection. Eyes are removable, so it is possible for you to purchase additional eyes and change your doll's eye color if you wish.

If you like the eyes you see in the product photo, just click on "Same as website image."

Skin Tone

silicone sex doll skin

The versatility of a sex doll's skin tone is something many people really enjoy. It's entirely possible to change a doll's skin tone completely. A doll with European features can have black skin, for example.

Each brand offers their own range of skin tones, but the general range you'll find is: white, pink, light tan, tanned, brown & black. 

Q: How come a doll's skin tone looks different between photos?

A: When compared under identical lighting conditions, two dolls with the same skin tone should look the same. However, when identical products are photographed under different lighting conditions, each one's skin tone can look different. A white doll photographed in a room with tan walls will look more tan, for example. Also, the skin of a tan doll shot with colored lights will be somewhat tinted according to the color of the light.

In addition, photos are usually edited with some kind of software, which can influence the end look of a particular skin tone.

Other factors that can influence how skin tone appears in a photograph include the camera used, filters applied, and the particular screen or monitor you are viewing the photo on.

**For all products, Dollknights displays the skin tones offered by our manufacturers. 

Breast Options

Areola colour

Breasts come in all shapes, textures and nipple sizes and our breast option reflect that. 

Here are the three main breast options you'll find:

Breast Option:

This option concerns the breasts fill, which lends a sex doll breast its texture. They can be solid, hollow, or gel-filled. The most realistic are gel-filled and have a bit more bounce and wobble than the other options. Hollow breasts are softer and lighter, while solid breasts are firmer and heavier.

Nipple Size:

This option allows you to modify the size of the areola, the pink area around the nipple

Nipple Color:

This option allows you to modify the color of the areola and nipple.

Again, if you like how things look in the product photos, you can select "Same as website image."

Vagina Options


Our products come with two options for vaginas: Fixed vaginas or removable ones.

The main difference between the two is just what you'd expect. Fixed vaginas are integral to doll bodies and cannot be removed. A removable vagina can be taken out and re-inserted. 

Fixed vagina pros and cons

  • Fixed vaginas look more realistic.
  • Fixed vaginas feel a bit more realistic to the touch.
  • You can change how tight a fixed vagina feels by spreading or closing the doll's legs.


  • Fixed vaginas are a bit harder to clean, especially if your doll is big and heavy, or doesn't have standing legs.
  • For those who may want to sell their doll after a while, a fixed vagina will likely put most buyers off.

Removable vagina pros and cons 

  • They can be taken out for easy cleaning.
  • The cavity a removable vagina fits in can accommodate a removable penis.
  • You can purchase various kinds of inserts that fit into the vaginal cavity.
  • A removable vagina is also replaceable.
  • It takes a bit of work to insert them, and you have to use baby powder, TPE or silicone powder.
  • They feel slightly less realistic on the inside
  • They may wiggle a bit during use.

Pubic Hair Options

pubic hair

All of our dolls come with a variety of pubic hair options so you can get the look and texture you want.

Different brands will apply their pubic hair in different ways. Some may glue the hair on, others may plug the hair in to make it more integral to the doll and realistic.

 Simply select the pubic hair option you like best. Or, if you like how it looks in the product photos, select "Same as website image."


Q: Can pubic hair be changed later? 

A: We don't recommend this. Some brands can attach the pubic hair with a pin, but most glue or plug the pubic hair. Even when pubic hair is pinned on, changing the pubic hair will mean using another pin, which damages the skin and may cause problems later.

Standing Options

silicone sex doll feet

Dolls on our site come with two kinds of feet, the kind that allows your doll to stand up, and the kind that doesn't. Unlike other sex doll sites, Dolknights offers our standing feet free of charge—our gift to you!

Standing feet are much more popular because they allow your doll to be posed in various standing sexual positions, bent over the kitchen table for example. Those who like dressing their dolls for photoshoots prefer standing feet as well, standing feet allow the doll to assume a far greater variety of poses.

Standing feet have a slight visual flawyou can see three metal bolt heads protruding from the feet bottoms. These are the ends of the rods that give the lower legs and feet the structural integrity to stand. However, if you can stand this small visual flaw, then you'll enjoy all the benefits of being able to stand your doll up and pose them in various standing positions.

We strongly advise that you are careful with your doll when they are standing. Take care not to let your doll fall over. A hard enough fall can damage your doll and may not be repairable.

Standing feet FAQ:

Q: Are standing feet a different shape or size compared to non-standing feet?
A: Standing feet are the same size and shape, the only difference is the visibility of the metal bolt heads on the bottoms.

Q: Can I put high-heel shoes on my doll's standing feet?
A: You sure can, but do so carefully. High heels tend to have pointed toes and squeezing a foot in there might cause the foot to warp or get damaged, especially if the doll stands for too long, or if the foot is under too much pressure.

Q: Do any of your dolls lack the standing feet option?
A: All dolls on our site include the option for standing feet.

Shrugging Shoulders


Shrugging shoulders, as the name implies, are shoulders with an upgraded skeletal structure that permits a greater range of motion. While this has no utility sexually, shrugging shoulders are very popular with those who enjoy sex doll photography. 

Shrugging shoulders makes it possible for people to position their dolls in those high-fashion poses we see supermodels strike in magazines. The picture above shows a pose that would only be possible for a doll with "shrugging shoulders."

Mouth Options

Our dolls can come with either "standard" or "enhanced" mouths. The difference is that an "enhanced mouth" includes a tongue which enhances the pleasure of oral sex. By default, our dolls will come with "standard" mouths which have no tongue.

Upgrades & Extras

TPE sex doll gel breast options

You'll find the "Upgrades or Extras" option on every product page. This section of the product customization menu includes a broad array of upgrades and extras that enhance performance, or aesthetics, or add functionality. 

Gel breasts

Gel breasts are as realistic as they get. Softer, yet more firm and perky.  Gel breasts have been engineered to mimic breast tissue to make them as realistic as possible. If you're a boob person, this will be well worth the expenditure.

Synthetic hair

This implanted polyester hair stands the test of time. Although you'll have to forgo the fun of being able to change your doll's hair on a whim, this implanted hair offers a much more realistic experience as it can be stroked, touched and played with much more naturally. Wigs can sometimes fall off, which isn't the best experience for some.

Tan line body painting

Got a thing for sun-lovers? Then this could be exactly the extra option you are looking for. Tan lines painted in lighter shades make your doll look like she's been tanning in a bikini all day long! Makes you think sexy, sunny-weather thoughts, doesn't it? 

Removable tongue

An upgrade for the sex doll photography enthusiast. This tongue is not attachable, and doesn't have any sexual function, but it is great if you love taking pictures of your doll companion with their tongue out. Put a little whip cream on it and snap away! 

We don't recommend having this item in your doll's mouth during oral sex as it may interfere.


Another photography prop with no sexual functionality. If you love taking photos of your doll and would like to see them with a beaming smile, this is the way to go. We don't recommend having this item in your doll's mouth during oral sex as it may interfere. Made from TPE.

Vagina/anal heating wand

Take your sexual experience to the next level by warming up your orifice of choice prior to sex. More realistic and stimulating by far, these provide a huge improvement in sexual sensation for a very low cost. Simply insert the wand, turn the unit on for a few minutes, and you're ready to go!

Vagina insert - Removable

Why a removable vagina insert? The biggest reason people choose to get a removable vagina is that they are easier to clean. Just pull it out and clean it out in the sink. If you purchase more than one, you can swap them out so you don't have to do a vagina cleaning before you want to have sex again.

To learn more about the pros and cons of a removable vagina insert, take a look at our FAQ page, in the "OPTIONS & EXTRAS" section, or check the Vagina options section higher up on this page.

Penis insert

An amazing accessory for gays, lesbians, trans people, and those who want to live out various fantasy scenarios. The possibilities are almost endless. Want to have a threesome with two girls? The girl can ride the doll penis while you get blowjobs from both your doll and the girl! Transform your female doll into a transexual doll in a flash. Easy to insert, remove and clean!

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